Karuna Faculty

At the heart of our training experience is relationship.  Your relationship to your tutors is a central part of the training.  Tutors not only offer lectures and theory and walk you through the requirements of the training, they are very much involved with the group and your personal journey through the course.


Tutors are encouraged to express their personal relationship to the material and offer you the wisdom that comes for their own practices as psychotherapists, supervisors and their life experience.


All tutors are involved in Faculty,  the whole teaching team holds the wider training and they are supported by our Admin and Finance Team

Siobhán McGee
Johnny White
Franceska hannis
Andy Gibb
Achalavira Rose
Georgina Osborne
Adele Yaron
Garth Naude
Jilly Warrick
Cheryl Allen
Katherine Grimshaw
Anita Withers