About Karuna

At Karuna Institute we are committed to depth. Our main training is the Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness based Core Process Psychotherapy. Access to this training is via attendance of an Introductory day followed by an interview and attendance of the Foundation Year.

The Karuna Institute was originally founded and developed over 40 years by Maura and Franklyn Sills,  who were both Buddhist Practitioners and therapists.

Our intention in moving to Bristol was to make our training cheaper to attend and to attempt to diversify the student base. Karuna Institute is committed to diversification and the attempt to make our psychotherapy trainings, and the psychotherapy profession itself, more open and available to racial and socio-economic groups who have struggled to access such pathways.  We are committed too to working with neuro-diversity and understanding the Psychotherapy profession and practice through neuro-diverse lenses.