Foundation Year

The Foundation Year is a creative experiential journey of depth into Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy.  We work our way through our curriculum exploring what it means to be a human being in relationship to ourselves, others and World and how relationship itself offers us a vehicle for embodied transformative insight.


The Foundation Year is the entry point to the Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy. This year can also be taken as a one year  CPD for people wishing to integrate our work into their current practices.

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Please note:
Due to a high number of applicants and interest this year, Foundation Year applications received now can only be considered for September 2024 intake.

The Foundation Year seeks to offer a wide and deep exploration of MBCPP. We begin with establishing the ‘inner practices of the therapist’ and open up to a Buddhist understanding of the nature of the arising of suffering and the potential easing of this suffering. We ground the whole of the year into this experiential enquiry, so that the primary place of your study in the year is within yourself and your own life journey. We seek to work together in the group to explore the nature of suffering as it arises within the individual, and also within the group which is the central place of learning for us all within the year.

Foundation Year Dates

Weekend Group (Sat/Sun)

2024 2025
12-13 Oct 11-12 Jan

20-25 Apr
(5 Day)

9-10 Nov 8-9 Feb 24-25 May
7-8 Dec 8-9 Mar 7-8 Jun
19-20 Jul

Weekday Group (Thurs/Fri)

2024 2025
17-18 Oct 16-17 Jan 17-18 Apr
14-15 Nov 13-14 Feb 11-16 May
(5 Day )
12-13 Dec 13-14 Mar 12-13 Jun
17-18 Jul

The Foundation Year is also open to those who wish to gain a deep experience of our model which can be integrated into your current work. This would suit those who are already working as accredited psychotherapists or counsellors, or any other kind of practices that require inter-actions with others in a helping capacity. The course would also suit those who are practicing meditation, Buddhism or other forms of self-development and wish to deepen their understanding of themselves in relation to their practice.

By attending the Foundation Year, you would be awarded a one-year CPD Certificate of Completion of The Foundation Year in MBCPP. Priority for places on the year is given to those wishing to enter into the full training.

Please Note:

Completion of the foundation year does not automatically qualify participants to go forwards to the next stage of the Diploma in Mindfulness Based Core Process (PG Dip MBCPP). There is an additional application process to join Year 1 of the PG Dip in MBCPP.

We explore the shaping of suffering itself and the nature of process that obscures and inhibits our capacity to rest in a more open, compassionate and free experience.  This exploration is supported by group work, meditation, our own therapeutic work as well as talks and experiential exploration on the training. We seek to integrate a wide range of theory into our year to help deepen this exploration. This includes looking at trauma and attachment theory as well as psychodynamic and object relations theory. We also take a deep dive into systemic theories around culture, race, gender and class as well as historical and evolutionary perspectives and our relationship to planet and the non-human environment. We complete the year by exploring transpersonal territories of ‘being’ through mythological and Buddhist perspectives.  

It is our hope that the year will offer you a deep dive into what it means to be human and an experiential journey into the centrality of relationship that is at the heart of life. We open up to these relational processes both as the place in which we experience so much pain and as the place in which the potential for a deeper expression of freedom and love is available to us all.

If you are already practicing as a Psychotherapist or Counsellor then it is our hope that this year would really offer you a chance to integrate our work into your practice and allow you the benefit of a depth Relational Mindfulness embodiment within your work. 


  • Attendance of an introductory day or weekend.

  • Submission of completed application.

Application Process

You will need to complete an online application form where you will be required to tell us about yourself and provide supporting documentation.

As part of the application process there will be an Interview.

*Please note that all training fees are subject to change and will be confirmed in 2023