Introductory Workshops

Come along to our Introductory day where our aim is to give you a real sense of how it is to train with us. Through our talks, experiential exercises and group discussions we offer a flavour of the depths and potential of Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy.


You have to do an introductory day before you can apply to join the Foundation Year.  Intro days can also be done as a CPD for practicing counsellors and psychotherapists.  Introductory courses are in person at our training centre in Bristol.

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Workshop Dates

31st May (Full)

22nd June (Full)

Applications for waiting list only

Our aim is to give you a taste of our work and so our Introductory workshops are experiential and inter-active. We hope to give you a ‘felt-experience’ of Karuna and to get a feel for our group room in Bristol and how it is to work in one of our groups. We encourage participants to share about themselves and their lives and to participate in exercises designed to give you a direct flavour of our Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy. Although only a day, it is always our hope that we experience depth together as we work and that the Intro is a meaningful experience for you.  

“The Introductory workshop was excellent, it really makes me want to do the training in the future”

“I hadn’t realised how personal the weekends would be, It is very powerful being part of a group that is so readily available. The training asks difficult questions of me, I am challenged and inspired”
“I really value the experiential learning and there is a balance of encouragement to dive deep and to look after ourselves. The tutors hold the group in a very warm and welcoming way”

“The training is really well held and well paced. The tutors offer us clear explanations and there are really good experiential practices. It is Deep!”

“There is a very safe space held and created and excellent warm facilitation”

“It feels like a shared experience and a solid relational togetherness. The holding container, created a space where we could all be ourselves and who we wanted to be”

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to join the Karuna Institute. At the end of my third year of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapy, and having experience of other psychotherapy trainings over the years, I am deeply conscious of the very high quality of the training and the teaching staff.”

“The approach of the Institute is to focus on our being as therapists, rather than tools and technique”

“The combination of Dharma teaching and Western psychodynamics is highly complementary and, I believe, the future of psychotherapy.”

“The dedicated, experienced and caring tutors have modelled compassionate presence and support from the very first day, going above and beyond to support the trainees to grow into their own practice.”

“The small group size enables us to really deepen into our experience in an atmosphere of trust and mutual support.”

“The course is intensely challenging both from a personal and a theoretical perspective, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.”

*Please note that all training fees are subject to change and will be confirmed in 2023