When I was looking to embark on a psychotherapy training I wanted a journey that would integrate a spiritual approach with depth psychology and I found that at Karuna Institute.  

I qualified as a Core Process Psychotherapist in 2003 and have been practicing for over 20 years working with individuals, organisations and offering supervision.  For the last 15 years I specialised in providing psychological consulting to organisations on aspects of trauma, resilience and recovery both in the UK and Europe. 

I joined the Karuna Institute teaching team in 2016 and I have been involved in the wider profession as Chair of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists and Chair of the HIPC Assessment Board at UKCP.

My current areas of interest are the embodiment of transgenerational trauma and the healing potential of the deep imagination through connection to nature, the land and rediscovering the mythic. I continue to explore embodied relational presence and how an experiential understanding of interconnectedness are integral aspects of transformation that are so central to our training.

In my experience as a student, psychotherapist, trainer and now as a Director of Karuna Institute, I have found a rich and vibrant community of practice.