Having completed a years training with the Karuna Institute in the late nineties, I returned to complete the full training in 2010. My own interest in the interweaving of the sacred and the everyday fits well with how Core Process work aims to hold all aspects of human experience with compassion and enquiry.

Early life as part of a Quaker community gave me, amongst other things, experience of shared silence. I travelled to many different countries, studied Philosophy, worked in varied social care roles, particularly with the homeless community in London and eventually settled in the US in a residential Buddhist community. Returning to the UK and completing the training at Karuna, I worked as the assistant Director of a large mental health charity in east London whilst beginning to work as a Core Process Psychotherapist in private practice and in the voluntary sector.

I now hold a private practice and live in Sheffield with my partner and her Daughter. I run and teach a Zen group and enjoy swimming in the rivers and mill pools of the peak district.