Garth Naude

I first came across Core Process Psychotherapy as a modality in 2000 while on a yoga retreat in South Africa, where I lived at the time. This complemented my longstanding interest and studies in psychology, spirituality, yoga, and dance, and so in 2003, after completing the Foundation training, I moved to the UK to do the full professional training at the Karuna Institute on Dartmoor.

As a tutor on Faculty, my experience is informed by my work as a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in Bristol, as well as over 20 years’ experience gained from working within the charity/community sector in mental health. I was formerly Chair of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP), an Organisational Member of UKCP that is tasked with overseeing and maintaining the ethical standards and supporting the good practice of its registered members.

I’m particularly interested in pre- and peri-natal psychology – how we are shaped by our earliest experiences of coming into form, and the birth process itself. I am also deeply curious about how cultivating embodied awareness of this process, and the relational nature of being human, supports us to become more present to ourselves and to the world in which we live. I am pleased to be able to bring this experience into my teaching role at the Karuna Institute and to be a part of this exciting, depth-orientated psychotherapy training.